WATCH: 16-Year-Old Gets the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent

It all started so adorably. “Hello, how are you?” Simon Cowell asked the young singer who had just come up stage.

“I’m nervous,” replied the 16-year-old Christian Guardino. During the short interview before his performance, when asked how long he has been singing, his answer was “for as long as I can remember.”

And when Christian started singing, the judges’ eyes widened in wonder, and the audience got up to their feet. In the end, when Howie Mandel asked Guardino what he wishes for, the teenager pointed to the Golden Buzzer which would send him straight to the live shows.

Naturally, Howie Mandel gave him his wish and went for the much-coveted buzzer.

Watch the performance here:

From the get-go, Simon did say he had a good feeling about Guardino. Turns out this gut-feel was right.

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