WATCH: This MMDA Officer is Spending His Holiday Enforcing the Law

If you were out on the road during the long weekend Undas, you were a witness to how a lot of the major roads in Metro Manila were a breeze to drive in. While a lot of people were enjoying their short vacations, traffic constable Orillosa was busy regulating the traffic flow along Monte De Piedad in Cubao.

Traffic’s been really bad for so long now. Though there are no immediate solutions for this and the solutions we have now seem to take a while to take effect, it’s nice to see hardworking individuals like TC Orillosa doing his best to do his job right. We salute you for your efforts, sir!

This video was taken during All Saints’ Day last November 1. Let’s also commend MMDA for their witty caption. Lol!

“[Admin 04] There’s no holiday from following the law! MMDA Officer TC Orillosa keeps all souls in line along Monte de Piedad in Cubao. #mmda

What can you say about his efforts? 


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