WATCH This Inspiring Video on How We Can Help #StopBullying

Bullying is ubiquitous in our society. It could happen at school, work, or even on the Internet. It could happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, and location. According to NoBullying.com, a website that tackles issues or stories about bullying worldwide, the said act comes in four (4) forms:

  • Physical Bullying – this is defined as touching the victim regardless if it causes an apparent harm or not.
  • Verbal Bullying – often called “worse than physical bullying” as the incident can be stored in the victim’s memory, which affects their social skills and relationships.
  • Workplace Bullying – when a superior shows unreasonable actions such as faultfinding, jealousy, or any act that could lead the victim to resign or affect their desire to pursue an occupation.
  • Cyber Bullying – it is often referred as a mean act by making the person feel uncomfortable, powerless, or threatened by either sending messages through social media or email.

Bullying campaign

UpTv.com contains helpful resources about tips on how to conquer bullying.

Interestingly, the most number of incidents of bullying in the Philippines happens at school. Studies show, that there was a total of 6, 363 cases of bullying in public and private schools last year. Hence, the Philippine Government established a law that protects everyone from bullying: Republic Act (R.A.) No. 10627, otherwise known as the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013.

Certainly, even in the US and its jurisdiction work together to increase awareness about bullying.

In line with this, a viral video marketing and advertising agency, Rob Bliss Creative, directed and produced a shocking, yet inspiring experimental video on how we can help #stopbullying.

To date, the video has been viewed 10,207,467 times in Youtube. Received 6,446,578 Views on Rob Bliss Creative’s Facebook account, and counting.

The month of October was the bullying prevention awareness month. As a parent myself, I believe every day should be a “bullying prevention awareness month” because no one has the right to hurt us, especially our children.

How about you? If you hear someone being bullied, will you stand up for that person or will you walk away?