WATCH: This Funny Video Shows How To Finally Beat Steph Curry

Golden State Warriors fans would probably agree that Stephen Curry is pretty much an unstoppable shooting machine. Fans of other teams also tend to agree that Stephen Curry is just that good.

But it seems that Koreans have finally figured out a way to stop the NBA player.

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In this video from a Korean variety show, we see Stephen Curry out on the court playing against the only creatures that could possibly keep him from scoring too many points. I’ve gotta warn you that it’s probably not what you’re thinking since it is a Korean variety show.

Check it out:

Three giant inflatable defenders are on guard by the ring, while a guy with more than a dozen plastic arm cutouts attached to him tries to keep him at bay. The other team’s ring on the other side of the court is shown to also be triple the size of a normal basketball ring, making it a lot easier for them to score.

Stephen Curry actually seemed to be enjoying the game, despite all of the effort done just to make sure he doesn’t score.

So, I guess the basketball world has finally figured out how to stop the great NBA player. Creativity is key, people!

Don’t you just love Koreans?!

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