WATCH: These Students Dance a Hyped Up “Gen Z Version” of Tinikling

Ever seen a modern version of the traditional tinkling dance? With so many dance trends coming and going in the past years because of social media, it’s easy to overlook the traditional dances that we only actually see in programs, celebrations, and fiestas.

In a video posted by Erick Floresca, a group of young Gen Zs decided to incorporate modern moves and music to the traditional tinikling, creating their own “Gen Z version” of the dance. The viral video now has a whopping 2 million views on Facebook.

Check it out below:

The video was from a “Halo-Halo Mixer” of the Georgia Tech Filipino Student Association from Atlanta, Georgia. Erin Floresca, the co-vice president of the association, shares with that this mixer was a big cultural showcase of Filipino culture as well as other cultures.

The Gen Z Tinikling was revealed to be choreographed by one of their dance coordinators, Ethan Ray.

“We served Filipino food (including Halo Halo) and performed traditional Filipino dances (tinikling, cariñosa, pandanggo sa ilaw) as well as modern dances that included a modernized version of tinikling. Through this event, we wanted to exhibit Filipino Culture to our university, which we felt lacked significant Filipino representation,” shares Floresca.

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“We were made aware that many of our flags were oriented incorrectly, so that is something we will remember to correct in the future.”

Netizens also immensely enjoyed this modernized version of the tinikling, with many even commenting that it’s a great way to remember our traditional dances while giving it a modern twist. Many also added that this is a lot better than totally forgetting about Filipino traditional dances.

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