This Fil-Am Restaurant Offers a Lechon Burger and We’re Drooling!

There’s a mouthwatering photo of a burger going around that features two slabs of crispy lechon belly as the “buns” plus thick beef patties in the middle. Yes, it’s real!

The Crispy Lechon Burger is actually the creation of the Filipino-American restaurant Mate Burger in Sydney, Australia. Henry Paraan, the owner and director of Mate Burger, shares with that he started the food spot in 2016 pushed by his passion for cooking and the need to share Filipino food internationally.

Mate Burger offers Filipino-American fusion food which they serve through their food truck and their two restaurants. Their menu includes Filipino American burgers, loaded fries, grilled BBQ, rice bowls, Filipino-style spaghetti and fried chicken, and Filipino sweets. Just thinking about their savory menu makes us wish we could visit their spot in Sydney soon!

Now, on to the trending Crispy Lechon Burger. It was first created before the lockdowns happened, and it originally had some rice in between the lechon “buns” and the double beef patties. But seeing how it was more difficult to devour, they decided to remove the rice. The Crispy Lechon Burger now has double beef patties, melted cheese, onion, pickles, and Mate Burger’s famous sauce all sandwiched between two slabs of crispy pork belly.

Paraan says, “This is not for the faint-hearted.”

He also shares that one burger is actually good for two people. So, you can tell your blood pressure to calm down because you’re not expected to finish this indulgent dish by yourself!

Aside from the Crispy Lechon Burger, they’ve also created another best-selling Filipino-inspired burger: the Ensaymada Burger. Thanks to the ensaymada buns, it adds a sweet twist to the savory treat. And yes, it’s equally as mouthwatering, too.

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Their creative and innovative menu items may be one of the reasons why they were able to thrive even during the many lockdowns through the year. Paraan also acknowledges that the continued support of their loyal customers and of the community allowed them to continue serving Filipino-American food in the area.

What started as a food truck and pop-up food stall was able to open their second store in July of 2021 at West of Sydney (Bella Vista), while their first store can be found in Mount Druitt in West Sydney. So, if you’re ever in Sydney soon, or if you have friends and relatives in the area, you’ll know where to go.

We love stories of Filipino food making waves in the international scene! This Crispy Lechon Burger is just another example of how Pinoys can be extra creative when it comes to food—and that our cuisine deserves the international spotlight, too.

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Featured photo from Mate Burger

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