WATCH: The Trailer For Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle Of Dogs’ Is Here And It Is A Visual Feast

Wes Anderson has always been known for his unique style when it comes to filmmaking. He is the creative mind behind many visually appealing films such as Moonrise KingdomThe Royal Tenenbaums, and the multi-award winning film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Three years after his last film, the critically-acclaimed filmmaker is back with a stop-motion animation film about dogs. Yes, dogs.

Just this week, a trailer for Anderson’s upcoming film, Isle of Dogs, was released and it is every bit as artsy as you’d expect a Wes Anderson film to be.

Watch it below:

Isle of Dogs is set in a dystopian-future version of Japan where the dog population has reached dangerous levels. The dogs are then quarantined in an island where a young boy journeys to find his missing dog.

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This short trailer is more than enough proof that this film is one to watch out for. Combining Wes Anderson with stop-motion plus Japanese-ish style and dogs into one film will be one of the best things to happen next year.

Isle of Dogs is set to premiere on the 23rd of March in 2018.

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