WATCH: The Trailer For The New JoshLia Movie Is Here And The Kilig Is Out Of This World!

The JoshLia love team is going to be back on the big screen, and we are more than excited!

Joshua Garcia and Julia Baretto first made us all squeal with kilig when they emerged with their first film together, Vince & Kath & James. It was honestly a game-changer for local romantic comedies.

And so, I’m sure fans of the JoshLia tandem and of teen romance films are hyped up for Love You To The Stars and Back-–the newest film starring Joshua Garcia and Julia Baretto.

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It’s bound to be a blockbuster hit because not only does it have one of the hottest love teams for its lead characters, but it is also directed by Antoinette Jadaone, one of the top directors of local romcoms.

This first first trailer already gives us a sense of how much kilig (and possibly heartbreak) we can expect from Love You To The Stars and Back. (Hint: it’s a lot).

Watch the trailer below:

In the film, Joshua and Julia’s characters go on an unexpected road trip to get “abducted by aliens.” On the way, they find love.

The whole premise of the film is honestly unlike anything I’ve ever seen in local cinema before, so I’m truly intrigued and super excited to catch this in theaters starting this August 30!

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