WATCH: The Teaser Trailer of “Deleter” Starring Nadine Lustre Looks Creepy

Nadine Lustre Deleter

Photo / Deleter

Here’s a movie that fans of psychological horror should look out for: Mikhail Red’s Deleter, which stars Nadine Lustre, Louise delos Reyes, McCoy de Leon, and Jeffrey Hidalgo.

A teaser trailer has recently been released and you can watch it below:

Lustre stars as Lyra, a deleter that filters graphic content from social media platforms. She seems to be fit for the job, as her co-workers and boss see her as a “cold person unfazed by the disturbing imagery she sees on a daily basis.”

However, “what they do not know is that Lyra hides a deep trauma. Lyra’s attempt to erase and forget her past has forced her to don an apathetic face to the horrors of the world.”

Variety, which broke the news of the teaser trailer, described Deleter as a “film that straddles the techno-horror and psychological thriller genres.”

Red described how he developed the script with his brother Nikolas: “We interviewed a lot of these deleters, some through online forums and deep web, using some anecdotes and their experiences to help us craft the world and character of Lyra.”

Red is the director of films like Birdshot, Eerie, Dead Kids, and Block Z. Birdshot was selected as the Filipino entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in 2018, while Dead Kids is the first Philippine Netflix Original film.

There is no word when Deleter will premiere.

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