WATCH: The Story of Christmas, As Told By Kids

Most of us know what Christmas really is about (you do, don’t you?), but what about kids? Do they really have any idea? Sure, the endless feasts, the Christmas shopping, new toys, and gifts are nice, but if you asked them what we’re celebrating, how do you think they’d answer?

Well, with hilarious answers, of course.

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“What is the story of Christmas?” That is the question late night TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live bravely asked kids. Can you guess their answers? You can try, but we think you’d just better see it for yourself.

Watch the full video here:

“Who was born on the first Christmas?”
“Who’s Jack?”
“That little skeleton guy.”

Oh, kids. Never a dull response. :p

How old were your kids when you first told them the story of Christmas? Share your thoughts on the comments!

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