WATCH: The Romantic Wedding Video of Camille Prats and John Yambao

Need a reason to fall in love? Watch this romantic video of Camille Prats’ wedding to now-husband John Yambao.

The wedding video starts with Prats getting ready for the big day, with her entourage dressed in pink robes and white sneakers. In the video, the actress says, “After months and years of being apart, dumating na din ang araw na pinakahihintay natin” (“After months and years of being apart, the day we are waiting for has finally arrived”).

The video then cuts to scenes of setting up the venue, a resort in Batangas owned by Prats’ family, as well as of Yambao preparing with actor John Prats.

In the ceremony, Prats┬ásays, “I am grateful for the love you give to Nathan. You are truly an answered prayer not only to me, but moreso for him. Because of you, I am a firm believer of second chances, destiny, and faith.”

She adds, “From now on, you will never go through life alone. I promise to always be by your side at times of need and trouble, success and failures. I will be your best friend, your travel buddy, sound critic, and forever buddy.”

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