WATCH: The ‘Dumbo’ live action film teaser trailer is here!

Dear baby mine will finally have a live action film!

There are a┬álot of classic, animated Disney films that are coming to life! Some to name are the tales of Disney Princesses – Beauty and The Beast (2017), Cinderella (2015), upcoming films The Little Mermaid & Mulan; and one of the most renowned ones – The Lion King. There’s a lot to be excited about, especially for a fact that our childhood is slowly coming to life!

Here’s another one to amp up your excitement – your favorite Disney elephant, Dumbo!

Disney has officially released the trailer of the live-action film, and we’re having ALL THOSE FEELS.

“Dumbo” is also based on the name of the film’s protagonist, a circus elephant born with unusually large ears.

The original animated film premiered in 1941. The live version is expected to be shown on 2019, directed by Tim Burton.

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