WATCH: Stunning Short Film on the Perseids Meteor Shower

“We are made by the atoms and the stars…our matter and our form are determined by the cosmos of which we are a part.”
Carl Sagan

Some studies say we are actually made of stardust, and so if that is indeed true, that would explain why humans find a certain peace when they watch the stars. When we look at the stars, we are coming home.

In this beautiful short by Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo, the film follows 20 high schoolers as they join astronomers at a camp to witness the phenomenal Perseids Meteor Shower that happened August 2016.

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The description for the film writes:

Something internal and personal draws us out to the night sky. Under a blanket of stars and the Milky Way arcing over head, we ask the simple question “What do you feel?”

This short film follows 20 high schoolers far from the city lights to an Astronomy Camp; then joins the Oregon Star Party where 600 astronomers camp out with telescopes of all sizes during the Perseids Meteor Shower. Timelapse has been the only way to showcase the night sky in video; but with the new low-light technology of the Canon MH20f-SH, we film in the quiet moments that have been impossible to capture until now.

Finally, watch the moving short here:

Now we ask you the same question. Watching the film and seeing those beautiful stars, what do you feel? Write your answers in the comments section.

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