WATCH: Steve Harvey Admits Last Year’s Miss Universe Slip-Up Wasn’t His Fault

In a recent interview at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Steve Harvey admits that last year’s Miss Universe mix-up wasn’t his fault. He recalls the event, “It was crazy, man. Because I’m a smart guy… I can read … I read the teleprompter but the guy in my ear said ‘Read the next name’. The teleprompter just said, ‘And the new 2015 Miss Universe is’ and next he said, ‘Read the next name. Now. Now.’ I said, ‘Miss Colombia‘. ”

Instead of going with the team’s suggestion to rectify the error the next day to the media, Steve decided to take the bullet and walked back out on stage to announce the mistake. Despite all the backlash he had received, it was his conviction that forced him back out to clarify the winner of Miss Universe 2015.

Check out the excerpt of the interview below.


Are you excited for Steve Harvey to host Miss Universe 2016 in the Philippines?