WATCH: Special Bonus Clip from “Moana” Shows Maui’s Funny Attempt at Fishing

“You don’t play with the ocean. You command it,” Maui says.

…Or at least that’s what he thinks.

This bonus clip from the most recent animated Disney hit film shows Maui, the once-great demi-god, teaching everyone’s new favorite heroine, Moana, how to fish. Well, he’s trying to. Maui kind of likes to show off, doesn’t he? But what he doesn’t know is that dear Moana is ~chosen by the ocean~ (and is bffs with it) and therefore has ways better than his. Ha! Take that, Maui!

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The short 48-second short, titled “Gone Fishing” is released by Disney as part of its Digital HD and DVD/Blu-ray versions that came out in February.  Watch the funny clip here:

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