WATCH: Someone animated anime-style deaths for popular game “Among Us”

Among Us is a popular multiplayer game that has recently been either destroying or strengthening friendships (in the best of ways, of course). A group of people are working together–but the catch is there are impostors among them. These impostors climb into vents, sneak up on their fellow players, and then kill the players in a backstabbing, suspicious act of betrayal.

A voice chat meeting is then called where the dead cannot speak so they can’t reveal who killed them. Each player reveals what task they were working on and then vote on who seems the most suspicious out of them all, trying to find the impostor/s among them. It’s a fun game full of intense adrenaline and suspicion.

Youtuber Landonardo creatively and cleverly recreated some Among Us deaths using anime as his inspiration. From a kamehameha to a Death Note, he animated new ways for the impostors to backstab their fellow players–and they’re awesome.

Check the videos out here:

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