WATCH: Scarlett Kramer Is the Cutest Ilocano Teacher

We all know an Ilocano. They might sound like they are always angry but if you truly know them, then you must know that they always mean the sweetest things. If you wish to understand them a little bit more, Team Kramer has a treat for you. In their latest video, Scarlett Kramer teaches us a few Ilocano expressions and gives out tips on speaking the dialect.

Her father, Douglas Kramer, grew up in Baguio and was dubbed as an “IloKano: an Ilocano speaking Amerikano.” He shares that Scarlett learned her Ilocano-speaking skills from him, his sister Brandy, and their mom.



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Watch “Ilocano Time With Scarlett” below where she translates “why is it so hot?” “I’m going to tell you to mommy,” and “Good for you. You’re hardheaded!” with matching skits with her little brother Gavin!

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