The Story of How Doug and Chesca Kramer’s Relationship Started Will Make You Believe in Love Again


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Maybe this story will make you want to fall in love again.

On Instagram, Doug Kramer shared how his relationship with Chesca Kramer started.

He began, “It’s crazy to think this was taken at our first date, late 2003. But still with lots of her friends beside us.”

Kramer added, “Moreso, here’s a little fact. We met around April but Chesca sort of gave herself some space for several months for personal reasons. Avoided me muna, not answering my texts and calls. I was heartbroken.”

Fast forward to a few months and Doug got a text from Chesca.

“Then suddenly, around August. It’s been months since we spoke. I ‘moved on.’ (not really ?) I painfully deleted her pictures… then suddenly out of the blue, she texted me that she got to watch my Ateneo game on TV. Then afterwards texted this, ‘I miss you.’ I remember getting so kilig, I left my friends to meet her. Hahaha! The rest is history!”


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He ended his post with, “I know love is more than an emotion, that it’s a choice, especially as time goes by. But when I reminisce about what happened to us before, our love story, the way I look at you now, our history, I still feel the butterflies in my tummy. I still get kilig with you! I love you @chekakramer!”

Doug and Chesca got married in 2008. Together they have three children: Clair Kendra, Scarlett Louvelle, and Gavin Phoenix.

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