WATCH: Sam Milby, Angelica Panganiban, Arci Muñoz and more to star in new animated film ‘Hayop Ka!’

Rocketsheep Studio, the production company behind Saving Sally and Kita Kita, are back with another inventive project. Their next film, Hayop Ka!, is an animated narrative based on late-night calls to radio talk shows. The twist is that cute and furry animals will be acting out the drama.

The synopsis goes like this: “Nimfa, the pretty pussy cat. is a perfume sales kitty at a department store. Her boyfriend, Roger the macho askal is a janitor. Nimfa meets Iñigo, the bourgeoisie business dog, and chemistry ignites. Will Nimfa & Roger’s love for dibidis & beef pares keep them together or will Iñigo’s high society charms tear them apart? Serious drama, sexy romance & intriguing intrigue… this is The Nimfa Dimaano story!”

It’s set to feature a star-studded cast with Angelica Panganiban leading as Nimfa. Robin Padilla is to play the askal boyfriend with Sam Milby as the rich business dog. Joining them is Empoy Marquez and Arci Muñoz. You can check out the teaser below:

Rocketsheep Studio also recently released a special featurette to drum up hype for the film. The new sneak peek shows us this won’t be like the typical (children-appropriate) cartoons that we’re used to.

HAYOP KA! – Work In Progress – Sneak Peek

HAYOP KA! (You Son Of A Bitch!) is our new feature film that began production in 2017 & will see completion mid this year. We are very excited about it and are working very hard like ants. We are still a few months away from being able to string a proper trailer as the film is being made like a cake with all its ingredients laid out on the kitchen table being prepped individually. Baking comes in much later, there is no cake slice to taste for the mean time.Erratum: "Peek" not "Peak" XD Sorry, we relied too much on auto correct.Check out the film's initial teaser here: more of our work, subscribe to

Posted by Rocketsheep Studio on Thursday, January 17, 2019

(Pixar’s next short is going to be by a Filipino and about Filipinos)

There’s no specific release date yet but the studio has promised that it will come out sometime in 2019! Personally, I can’t wait for this new take on a more mature kind of animated feature.

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