Pixar’s next short is going to be by a Filipino and about Filipinos

Pixar studios recently announced a new developmental project: Spark Shorts. This is an initiative to find new voices and new stories in animation, to push the boundaries in order to explore what happens when they do so. One part of this project will be Bobby Rubio’s work, “Float”.

Bobby Rubio, a Filipino-American, posted on his Twitter the exciting news. He tweeted:

It’s OFFICIAL! I can finally tell you I’m the #Writer / #Director of the #Pixar #SparkShort “Float”! I’m so proud to be a part of this program and to be among these very talented people! And I have to give a shout-out to my wonderful and talented crew, Team Float!

He follows up in the replies to the tweet that the two lead characters will be Filipino-American, or what he calls ‘Pixnoys’. He says “I am proud to tell our stories. I know what it means to see our culture represented on screen! #RepresentationMatters”

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The video explains Spark Shorts as Pixar’s own form of indie filmmaking. It’s a program that allots a small budget for each artist to achieve their own original visions, diverging towards the different if need be. The goal is for them to “discover that new creative spark.”

While there is no release date for Rubio’s short yet, the different shorts under the project will begin to premiere in February. They will be available to watch on Youtube.

Do you feel that representation is important in animation and media? Weigh in on this question in the comments! 


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