WATCH: Sad Treatment of St. Bernard For Picture-taking’s Sake

This video taken at Wright Park, Baguio was posted by Ryan Christian Madlangawa on Facebook (see original post here). On the post, he indicated that the dog looked tired (reddened eyes) and thirsty. To top it all, the woman holding the heavy leash seemed to have been swaying it a little too hard, just because the dog would sometimes look away from the camera.

When they called her attention, she simply said that the dog was already used to it. According to the post, the woman reprimands the dog on the times he wouldn’t look at the camera during picture-taking.

Okay, here’s the thing.

To the woman in the video and to whoever it is who owns the dog,

Please always be sensitive with the way you treat him. Keep in mind that he’s bringing income for you even if he doesn’t have to yet he is being treated poorly.

He is a dog.

Yes, there will (often) be occasions when he won’t look at the camera. Yes, there will (often) be occasions when he will look tired (maybe because he is!) an unenthusiastic for the tourists. No, it’s not his fault.

In fact, he shouldn’t even be spending hours sitting around and being stressed out with all this. It can be argued that he’s already used to it, yes, but please think of the way it’ll affect him.

If it can’t be helped, then the least you can do is to treat him right. Keep in mind that he’s being able to provide additional income for you! So why is he being treated like this?

We don’t know how long this has been going on or if it is even a common occurrence. Maybe, it’s not. Maybe, it is. Regardless, I hope it’ll come to the attention of many and something can be done.

To the owners of the dog and this business, we sincerely hope you can look into this. Whether you’re aware of it or not, please be more mindful of how the dog is being treated. He is an angel. He deserves a way better treatment than this.

To the tourists,

Yes, we know. We know how cute this St. Bernard is. In fact, if I see him, I would want a photo as well! But if you’ve witnessed something like this, please please do not turn a blind eyes. Please do not walk away and pretend it’s none of your business.

To everyone else,

Guys, who will stand up for our furry friends if we don’t? Who will take care of them if we don’t? If they can provide something more than their sincere companionship – like this big guy who can actually provide a source of income – then it’s best to give them what they deserve.

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We’re sincerely hoping something can be done about this

UPDATE (11/01/2016): Yes! Something had been done! Read here for details