FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED: A Stray Dog’s Rescue Operation in Tarlac City

During the peak of the bad weather over the weekend, a concerned citizen in Tarlac spotted a trapped stray dog.

tarlac dog rescue

Our rescue operations for animals here in the Philippines may not be as advanced as that in other countries, but check this out. The PDRRMC or the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council rushed to the site to save the poor fella.

tarlac dog rescue

tarlac dog rescue

tarlac dog rescue

With the use of a special emergency rescue vehicle and the braveness of this rescuer on the photo, our little furry friend had been rescued out of the cold!


This little baby is now under the care of Ms.

Merryl Evangelista of the Tarlac Dog Walker’s Club.

Hopefully, things will be a lot better for this little guy.

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