WATCH: Official Full Trailer of ‘Kita Kita’ with Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy

“Kapani-paniwala bang ramdam mo siya, kahit hindi mo nakikita?” [Is it possible to feel someone even though you cannot see them?] A line in the film trailer asks.

Well…is it?

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With what looks like another promising romantic film starring Alessandra de Rossi, “Kita Kita” is set in the beautiful country of Japan, following the life of a girl who suddenly loses her ability to see. She has been diagnosed with temporary blindness. Does she ever really get her eyesight back? One day though, a Filipino guy moves in next door, and the two quickly become friends…perhaps, even more than that.

But is it really possible to fall in love even though you can’t see them?

The film whisks us away and lets us find out for ourselves. Watch the trailer here:

Kita Kita hits the theaters on July 19, 2017.