WATCH: Motorcycle Driver Throws Cigarette Butt Back at Taxi Passenger

I see smokers throw their cigarette butts wherever they please on a daily basis.

However, I’m a little ashamed to admit that I don’t do much about it. See, unless I actually know the smokers throwing their butts on the ground, I mostly just shake my head subtly and allow my inner self to be disappointed inside.

Not this guy, though! Someone shared this video with us called “Cigarette Butt” posted on the Nobody Cares – Philippines Facebook page and in it, a motorcycle driver witnesses a taxi passenger throw a cigarette butt on the road. What does he do? He picks it up, goes after the taxi and throws it back at him. Seriously. Watch it happen here:

Posted by Nobody Cares – Philippines on Friday, June 3, 2016

Do you think the motorcycle driver was right in doing what he did or was it too much? Either way, my fellow smokers, let’s please do our part and keep our cigarette butts off the streets. I hope you can read this and help spread the word to bag the butt: #BagTheButt: Let’s Keep Our Cigarette Butts Off the Streets