WATCH: Mati, Davao – Skydiving, Surfing, and Ultralight Planes

Have you been to Mati before? Mati is a beautiful place in Mindanao located 3 hours away from Davao City and happens to be one of the best places to go if you want to try out UltraLight flying! There, you can hop in a small light aircraft with a professional pilot as he takes you up in a refreshing flight where you can get the best view of Mati at 500ft. If that’s not good enough, he can also fly low as you swoop through Mati’s beautiful beach and watch the waves crash onto the shore right under you.

Mati’s beach also has a nice surf and skim boarding spot with friendly locals who will teach you how to surf if it’s you’re first time. Claude Evangelista shares that he headed out to Mati, Davao last year to hold the first Philippine – Taiwan Skydive Boogie, a gathering of Philippine and Taiwan skydivers jumping out of planes together. Watch his video on the experience here:



Have you been to Mati before?