WATCH: This Makeup Tutorial on a Jeep Will Make You Laugh

Just when you thought you’ve seen every type of makeup tutorial possible, someone trumps it all. Range Advertising recently posted a makeup tutorial video that starts with what seems like a simple idea, but is made better by natural jeep experiences that every woman who has tried to do makeup on a jeep on their way to work will probably be able to relate to.

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I’m actually not sure how many women do their makeup on the road, but I am one of those women who does her makeup on the way to wherever she is going. If I’m walking to a friend’s house, I’ll do my makeup while walking. If I’m on my way to a meeting, I’ll do my makeup on the bus, in a jeep, or in a Grab. Why? It saves time! (Also, I’m always running late by the time I’m all dressed and there’s no time left to do makeup. :p) Check out this hilarious makeup tutorial starring Anne Rhycie Kate Custodio. I promise it will make your day!

Do you have any interesting makeup tutorials of your own to share? Share them with us!