WATCH: Lion Appears to be Drugged While Forced to Pose with Tourists for Pictures

Tourism in Asia has seen a boom in the last few decades and, consequently, the demand for unique and interesting attractions. One major aspect of the tourism industry that is taking a large hit is animal tourism. Here in the Philippines, issues have been raised towards the whaleshark diving in Oslob, with many saying that the way tours are run there isn’t very sustainable. In Thailand, elephants are abused from their early years, subjecting them to harsh training for future entertainment and tourism purposes like elephant rides in jungle trails or in the city. And it seems Indonesia has a fair share of this problem, too.

In this Facebook video posted by Awareness Act (, it shows a lion laying down while tourists take pictures with him. There is no doubt that this beautiful creature is not in the right condition, as he appears to be groggy. A man has to constantly come up to the lion and prop his head up for the photo, or else he would fall asleep.

Watch the disturbing video here:

Posted by Awareness Act on Monday, June 20, 2016

Cruel attractions like this must be stopped. And one way to do that is to not patronize these businesses. Tourists should have the sense of responsibility to know whether the attractions they are paying for are in good faith or not. Especially when dealing with animals.

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