WATCH: La La Land Medley on Cello and Piano is Incredibly Soothing

For everyone who has fallen in love with La La Land (such as me), this video is for you.

Ever since I saw La La Land in the theaters last January, I have just become obsessed with its soundtrack. I LOVE IT. My friends do, as well. And I know it’s not just all of us, when even critics have taken notice enough.

La La Land’s original songs, composed by Justin Hurwitz, have raked in awards and nominations. And then there’s the covers over the internet.

I’m especially loving this cover by Youtube channel Brooklyn Duo.

The pair is equipped with a piano, cello, and tiny xylophone, and big talents. Their take on the La La Land tracks Mia and Sebastian’s Theme and City of Stars are both tender in their own ways, and is just the perfect thing to play at the end of a long, hard day.

Sit back, relax, hit play, and let the music whisk you away back to La La Land. Watch:

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