WATCH: Katy Perry Hops in the Carpool Karaoke—Finally Addresses the Taylor Swift Issue

Well, well, well. After years of speculations from fans (and whoever actually cares about this stuff), Katy Perry has finally spoken up about her alleged beef with Taylor Swift.

The pop royalty hopped in with late night talk show host James Corden for an episode of Carpool Karaoke, wherein James and his musical guests belt out to the tunes while driving around L.A.

Last week, it was Perry’s turn to sing wacky duets with Corden, and as much fun as the ride was, the subject of Taylor Swift eventually came up. Katy Perry’s new single titled “Swish Swish” is rumored to about Swift, after all, so really it was just begging to be asked.

Watch the entire Carpool Karaoke episode below, and find out what Katy Perry had to say about Taylor Swift.

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