WATCH: Jiraiya Makes His Surprise Return in the Latest ‘Boruto’ Episode

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations decided to play with our feelings in its latest episode after it brought back a character we loved and missed from the dead—Naruto’s mentor and “pervy sage” Jiraiya.

Jiraiya and Naruto

Except they didn’t really bring him back from the dead. Rather, the show just embarked on a time travel arc where Boruto is given a chance to explore the Hidden Leaf Village from his father’s childhood which pretty much means we get to see all our favorite characters as kids again (not to mention alive).

Among these characters is, of course, Jiraiya who Boruto meets outside a bathhouse. But the image Boruto had of his father’s former master instantly got ruined after Jiraiya framed him for peeping on the bathing women while the real culprits made their unceremonious escape.

Watch the funny scene here!

Although the comeback of a well-loved character wasn’t as deep and emotional as people expected it to be, the arc seems to promise that fans will definitely be able to empathize with Boruto as he realizes that Jiraiya may not be what he had initially thought and gains a newfound appreciation for the “pervy sage” in the process.

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