WATCH: JC Santos and Ryza Cenon Team Up For New Romance Film, “Mr. & Mrs. Cruz”

Indie film heartthrob JC Santos and Ika-6 Na Utos star Ryza Cenon may make the unlikely couple, but the evidence of their chemistry in their upcoming romance film is undeniable.

In a recent trailer released by Viva Films, it seems that the JC Santos-Ryza Cenon love team may be one to look out for.

These two actors will be coming together for Mr. & Mrs. Cruz, an upcoming film from Kita Kita writer and director, Sigrid Andrea Bernardo. Check out the trailer below:

There’s not much information on the plot of the film, but the trailer shows two characters who travel to Palawan for a bit of “me-time” but instead find themselves in each other’s company, leading to a seemingly unconventional love story.

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Aside from the actors being enough reason to watch out for Mr. & Mrs. Cruz in cinemas, it’s also a masterpiece from a writer and director who has been known for her amazing skill in telling love stories that can easily tug at the audience’s heartstrings. Plus, this film features the breathtaking sights of Palawan.

Mr. & Mrs. Cruz premieres in cinemas on January 24 next year!

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