‘Kita Kita’ Beats ‘Heneral Luna’ as Highest Earning Pinoy Indie Film

heneral luna

Heneral Luna will either be proud of AlEmpoy (Alessandra/Empoy) or mad that Kita Kita took the top spot from them as the highest earning Pinoy independent (indie) film.

It may not a typical romantic pairing but Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez’s movie was able to capture the attention of many, such that people went to watch Kita Kita on the big screen.

I have seen the movie in its first week of showing. I liked it. However, like most indie films with very limited budget, promoting the movie isn’t as aggressive as mainstream movies. Hence, there weren’t a lot of people watching it at that time.

alex de rossi empoy kita kita

It was the power of word of mouth I presume – the power of social media.

With good feedback, it seemed more and more people wanted to see it such it stayed on cinemas for four weeks. I think it is still showing in some cinemas right now.

Kita Kita has already earned more than P300 million after three weeks of hitting the big screen. It beats Henaral Luna, which earned P257 million on 2015.

An indie film, Kita Kita was created with a budget of only P10 million.

Apparently, another movie with Alessandra and Empoy is already being planned.

Congrats to the cast and crew of Kita Kita! 🙂