WATCH: Incredible Recruitment Video of the Philippine Special Forces

WATCH Incredible Recruitment Video of the Philippine Special Forces

There are soldiers, and then there are soldiers.

If you’ve never heard of the Philippine Special Forces, it’s because they’re quietly training to better serve our country. But a new recruitment video spreading online shows just how rigorous their training goes, and it is amazing.

The Philippine Special Forces is an elite Philippine Army unit established by then Captain Fidel V. Ramos in the 1960’s. The Special Forces specialize in Unconventional Warfare Operations and Psychological Warfare Operations.

The recruitment video shows their tough training, which includes the Special Forces Combat Qualification Course, followed by the Special Forces Assessment and Selection System, the Special Forces Operations Course, air operations, and the military scuba diving course. The training is so intense that the video shows men passing out due to exhaustion.

Despite the harshness of their training, they only do it for two things: serve the people and secure the homeland.

Watch the recruitment video (which looks like the trailer of an awesome action movie) below:

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