WATCH: How To Do Pageant Look By Pia Wurtzbach

It’s no longer a hidden fact that Pia Wurtzbach is absolutely gorgeous. Even with her “barely there” makeup look and even without makeup at all, she’s a stunner!

Now, she shows us how she does her pageant makeup. The main trick is to keep in mind that we’re doing makeup for cameras and strong lights, but even so, we wouldn’t want to look too made up. Have a look her routine to make that strong yet just-right look!

One of the things I loved about this video is how comical she narrated her steps. From cute antics to simple joke inserts, she makes makeup tutorials fun and informative.

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Such a beauty you are, Pia! The cool thing is, she actually puts on her own makeup instead of having a makeup artist do it for her even during the Ms. Universe Night. Awesome! I don’t think I’d be skilled enough to do my own makeup before a huge event but this woman manages to do so, still. Grace us with your awesomeness, please.

What’s your own makeup routine? 


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