WATCH: Here’s What it’s like if Snoop Dogg Voiced Over ‘Planet Earth’

Planet Earth, the Emmy-award winning BBC TV show, is a beloved show that shows all the wonders or nature and its wildlife. Some of its episodes get a little bit intense, especially when its focused on predators hunting their prey, but what if Snoop Dogg narrated them instead?

The rapper and hip hop star recently stopped by in an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live and gives us a glimpse of what that would be like.

“Oh, get out of there, man. Go!” Snoop Dogg can be heard from the edge of his seat (and we are too, to be honest), as a baby iguana tries to outrun a dozen snakes. Does the little lizard make it? Well, Snoop Dogg will tell you, and it’s funny as well.


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