WATCH: Harry Styles’ Performing ‘Sign of the Times’ Live is Just Really Smooth AF

Guys. So let’s talk about Harry Styles because I know you want to. Our favorite curly haired cutie from One Direction is the latest of the boys to finally debut his single, launching his solo career into the music biz. Niall Horan released his solo first, followed by Louis Tomlinson.

Despite the delay in releasing his own solo album, Styles hasn’t been vacationing, though. The young singer was occupied filming Dunkirk, his acting debut under the direction of none other than Christopher Nolan himself. Wow. Watch the trailer for the film through this link, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Harry’s first single did drop earlier this April, though, and recently stopped by British talk show The Graham Norton Show to perform the song live. And I don’t know about you, but there’s something great about this performance.

Sign of the Times is a pretty great track, after all, and what were seeing here is a fact that’s been hiding under our noses this entire time: Harry Styles is a real artist.

Watch the performance here:

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