WATCH: Guy Quits His Job To Travel the World and Give High Fives

Guy Quits His Job To Travel the World and Give High Fives

Craig Lewis is living the dream.

After saving his salary for three years, he quit his job in Australia, travelled to 36 countries, and gave high fives to everyone. The best part, he recorded everything. The video starts on his last day at work, then features montages of his colorful trip, each ending with a high five.

His itinerary included France, Tanzania, South Africa, Belgium, Uganda, Sweden, the US (Georgia, New York City, California, Florida, Hawaii, Colorado), Finland, Turkey, Kenya, Greece, Serbia, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Canada, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, and Namibia.

To travel, Craig hitchhiked, couch-surfed, and slept in airports, on the train, and on floors – anywhere that he needed to.

Over the course of his travels, he went skydiving, partied with an African tribe, attended music festivals, gone shark diving, visited schools and youth centers, went to the beach, went on safari, played ping-pong, attended the Ascot Races, snorkeled, and went on a wine tour.

At the end of his video, he is at home, and gives a final high-five before collapsing on his bed.

The video is going viral on Facebook, and Craig commented:

Thanks for all the positive replies, everyone – I’ve met plenty of people traveling with very little money, you just need to be smart and open to the idea. Travel isn’t as expensive as you think; Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa cost less than most Western countries. The biggest expense is getting there. Volunteering is free, and in my opinion, is one of the best things you can experience in life, it has certainly changed mine. I worked hard, for years, and saved my own money. I was lucky enough to get a good education at school, which a lot of the world miss out on. I worked my ass off after Uni and saved everything, sold all my material possessions and backpacked as far and as long as I could. I hope I’ve inspired you to travel and experience the world!


Watch the full video below:


Video courtesy of Craig Lewis


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