WATCH: Google Philippines’ Heartwarming Tribute to OFWs

WATCH: Google Philippines’ Heartwarming Tribute to OFWs 


There’s no question that Overseas Filipino Workers are the new heroes of the Filipino. They brave foreign countries, culture, and people, and survive the years of working for their loving families living miles away.

This holiday season, let us not forget the hardships and sacrifices our OFWs are going through for the future of their families in the Philippines. They will be relying only on social media, such as video calls with the family on noche buena or sharing photos of the food and gifts prepared for the gathering. Most of them will be celebrating Christmas alone, far from the family reunions and traditions they were once acquainted to here in the country.


Google Philippines' heart warming tribute to OFWs


With this, Google Philippines launched a video which aims to bring the family together, no matter where they are in the world.

The video features a child’s voice singing the classic “You” by Basil Valdez throughout the film, while true to life, everyday scenes OFWs go through are shown. There is no denying that you’ll try to stop yourself  from crying while watching the video as heartstrings are pulled and the familiar sentiments of familial love are evidently depicted.

Watch the full video below:


Created to promote communication and closer ties through the use of Google and its campaign and many applications, this video is just spot on, especially to the OFWs and their families. 

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WATCH: Google Philippines’ Heartwarming Tribute to OFWs