WATCH: Gloc-9 and the Country’s Top Performers Join an Epic Rap Battle… About Proper Handwashing

Safeguard Fred D Germ 2

There’s never been a more important time to wash your hands, especially since we just celebrated Global Handwashing Day on October 15. The event was supposed to go without a hitch but a few days ago, a mysterious figure appeared out of nowhere to wreak havoc through rap.

That’s right. A germ named Fred D’ Germ went on social media to rap about how it’s okay that we don’t wash our hands the right way. He trolled some celebrities on Instagram Stories, including the cast of Magandang Buhay (Melai Cantiveros, Jolina Magdangal, and Karla Estrada) and the DJs of The Morning Rush (Chico Garcia, Hazel Aguilon, and Markki Stroem).

Even other celebrities got into the action, with Anne Curtis, Luis Manzano, Mimiyuuuh, and Rufa Mae Quinto sharing the video on their social media channels. Luckily, Gloc-9 showed up to teach the proper way of handwashing in a fun rap battle. Honestly, the video is catchy and has been living in our minds rent-free. Watch it here.

Now, there’s an even catchier video as Gloc-9 is back with some of his fellow local rap artists, like Shanti Dope, Ron Henley, Loonie, and Shehyee. The country’s biggest performers teamed up with Safeguard in an epic rap battle via live stream on Global Handwashing Daym so they can teach proper and safe handwashing habits and finally beat Fred D’ Germ. The stream was hosted by Manzano with the special appearance of Mimiyuuuh and Quinto.

If you missed it, you can still catch the live stream here.

Thousands of people tuned in to the live stream, with the rap battle getting more than 300,000 views as of posting. The comment section had people cheering the rappers and giving their thoughts on the importance of proper handwashing. According to one viewer, “Safeguard gamit namin simula nung bata pa ako hanggang sa ngayon na may sarili na akong pamilya. We love safeguard. Effective and safe.” [“We’ve been using Safeguard since I was a kid until now that I have my own family.”]

Even everyday handwashers did their part by making their own raps for Safeguard. Handwashers like Simplero, SANE, Cyrille, and more showcased their flow in the live stream, and we loved seeing how they expressed their creativity to share the importance of having clean hands.

Given the amazing talent that Safeguard had on its side, it’s no surprise that Gloc-9 and his fellow performers won the rap battle. They all recommend Safeguard, the trusted brand for hygiene for the past 50 years. Global Handwashing Day may be over but that doesn’t mean we should stop the practice of safe wash. After all, your handwashing habits affect everyone, including the people around you.

Safeguard is leading millions of Filipinos to join the #SafeWash movement. With the rap battle between Gloc-9 and his friends versus Fred D’ Germ, we’re definitely part of the movement. We hope you are, too!