WATCH: This Catchy Rap Music Video About the Wrong Ways We Wash Our Hands is our Latest LSS

Safeguard Fred d Germ

Handwashing has always been important but it has become more essential now. And right in time for Global Handwashing Day on October 15, a new rap video about the wrong ways we wash our hands has been released and it’s super catchy.

Watch it below:

The video is by Safeguard and features the rapper Fred D’ Germ. This pesky character got his start by trolling different social media channels to spread the improper ways of washing our hands. He showed up on the Instagram stories of Melai Cantiveros, Jolina Magdangal, and Karla Estrada to say that wiping your hands, just brushing dirt off, and cooking without washing first is enough.

In the video, Fred introduces the different types of improper handwashers, such as the one who simply sprinkles water, wiping their hands on their clothes, just using tissue, and the one who washes too fast. For Fred D’ Germ, these poor handwashing habits are enough to keep Filipinos safe and clean. In one scene, he raps, “Wisik-Wisik Man, hugas na rin ‘yan.” In another, he says, “Punas-punas gang, hugas na rin ‘yan.

In the end, Safeguard offers a rebuttal with the legendary Gloc-9, who teaches us the proper way of handwashing.

The music video may be LSS-worthy but Safeguard aims to teach viewers proper handwashing techniques and its benefits. This is important, as the 2020 Philippines Handwashing Habits Survey revealed that more than 50% of Filipinos only wash “quickly with soap and water.” Many also choose to use alcohol or sanitizers, even when soap and water are available. These won’t get rid of all germs, dirt, or grease, unlike soap.

Safeguard Fred d germ

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Watch out as Fred D’ Germ will have a second round with Gloc-9!

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