WATCH: German Speaks Bisaya in Donut Shop in Berlin

German Speaks Bisaya in Donut Shop in Berlin

As they say, there are Filipinos wherever you go around the world. It turns out, you’ll also find foreigners who speak Filipino and our many dialects. There are the five guys who can sing Filipino and Bisaya Christmas carols, and the Pakistani taxi driver in Dubai who speaks Filipino. Now, there’s an employee at a donut shop in Berlin, Germany, who was recorded speaking Bisaya.

Netizen Asnin Pendatun was in the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin when he and his fellow students met Norman, a local who could speak Bisaya fluently. According to Asnin:

Traveling to different places you haven’t been to is surely a surprise-filled fun experience but the last thing you’d probably expect to see/meet is a Bisaya-speaking German. Bisdak kaayo, bai!

Pendatun said that he and his friends were speaking in the dialect and were surprised when Norman joined in. Norman told them that he lived in Cebu for 20 years before returning to Germany eight months ago.

In Bisaya, Norman said that he studied in Cebu Doctors’ University with a degree in psychology. But he was required to take two more years in order for his units to get credited, so he decided to work. He added that he may return to Cebu in 2017 for a vacation.

Watch the video below:

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