WATCH: Funny Japanese Ad Will Have You Guessing All Throughout

What could this TV commercial be selling? I was asking myself this question all the time I was watching the video. What a curious ad!

Thai ads are known to be quite emotional (they always make me cry), but I never knew Japanese ads could be the exact opposite–downright funny. In this Japanese tv commercial, the ad follows the life of a lady whose eyes are constantly wide open. She starts the day washing her face, prepares breakfast, eats, kisses her partner goodbye as he heads off to work, she goes out for a walk with her dog, so on. She basically goes through the day with her eyes round and bright as a moon. The woman apparently is in the process of breaking the record for not blinking the eyes.

I thought for sure this was a coffee ad, but ha! Was I wrong. Care to guess? But if you’re ready to find out, just watch the video below:

What did you guess the ad was about? It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Share your thoughts about this video in the comments!

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