WATCH: “Friday” Singer Rebecca Black is Grown Up and Back with New Single

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday…

Do you remember?? Of course you do. Anyone who had internet back in 2011 when “Friday” exploded in the internet has heard, seen, and had been curious about the song that everyone ~disliked~ (hate is such a vicious word, I won’t be using that). The song was sung and performed by an aspiring teenage pop-star, Rebecca Black.

The song and music video, which has now close to a million views on YouTube was a phenomenon, to say the least. But not exactly in the best way. Let’s just say that a 14 year old singer, a terrible song lyricist, and a low budgeted video production team doesn’t exactly spell recipe for success. Unless…the only goal was to be massively popular, then I guess they kind of succeeded.

We haven’t heard much from Rebecca Black since then, but guess what! The young singer is back. Now 19 years old and equipped with better vocals, make-up, and what looks like a better production team, too. She dropped the music video of her new song called “The Great Divide” on September 3rd, and GUYS. IT’S ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD.


What do you think of the song? Do you think Rebecca Black has redeemed herself from her Friday (gotta get down on Friday) days? Tell us what you think!