WATCH: Foreigner Shares his Philippines “Ultimate Vacation Destination” Video

Walton Cheung is one of the many foreigners who have fallen in love with the Philippines. In fact, he enjoys the Philippines so much, he plans on getting a vacation house here. He got in touch with us here at to share a little bit about his Philippine adventures, coupled with a video of these travels.

He wrote:

Hi Nicole, I’m an IT engineer from New York.  I’m originally from Hong Kong but grew up in the States.  I have traveled to the Philippines more than 20 times since the 90’s.  Only in recent years have I been able to film my adventures with the help of portable electronics.  I want to share with the world what an awesome experience one can have in the Philippines.  I saw many unique landscapes, beautiful islands, and pristine beaches. There are so many cool activities that I participated in, like paragliding, swimming with whalesharks, bike ziplining, canyoneering, ultralight flying…and the list goes on.   All of this is, just an hour or two away from Manila by plane, making the Philippines the most ideal place to have fun and fulfill a bucket list.   And best of all, almost everyone I encountered is very friendly and treated me with respect.   Ordinary people would greet me with a smile as I roam the streets in remote villages.  As a solo traveler, I have never had any problems with safety or getting lost.  I like the Philippines so much that I’m buying my vacation home there.  The Philippines has transformed tremendously in the last decade.   With the visible construction boom going on there, improvements in infrastructure, and a new administration wiping out crime, things are only looking good for the country.  Who knows, maybe I may retire there!

Watch his video here:

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