WATCH: Filipino Sci-Fi Film ‘Instalado’ Takes On Issues In Education And Technology

Once in your life–possibly during a time when you were studying–you’ve probably wished for a device that would allow you to “upload” knowledge and information into your brain without having to study.

Well, in the world of Filipino sci-fi film Instalado, this has become a reality.

Instalado, directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, follows the story of Victor who lives in a world where education can be installed into a person’s brain with the help of technology owned by big companies. But for him who lives in an agricultural community, he must raise money to be able to afford an installation.

The premise itself is already so intriguing! Check out the trailer below:

This film touches on a lot of socially relevant issues: the price of education, the high costs that the masses must pay to get it, the lack of resources that are available for agricultural communities, the political power play is involved in employment, and a whole lot more. And it’s amazing how the premise of a high-tech world is able to tackle all these issues head on.

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Instalado is an entry to this year’s ToFarm Film Festival which will be held on July 12-18. This film festival aims to raise awareness on the life of Filipino farmers.

Be sure to catch this awesome indie sci-fi film in cinemas!

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