WATCH: Feel Like a Wildcat with Ashley Tisdale’s ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’ Make-Up Tutorial!

It’s been almost 10 years since the last High School Musical film premiered on the big screen and made us fall in love with the magic and music of life at East High School, but until now, millennials who grew up during the High School Musical era are still loyal fans to the trilogy. And to the cast, of course.

In this video, Sharpay Evans, I mean, Ashley Tisdale, demonstrates for us how to steal her look from when she did the music session ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’ with her High School Musical twin, Lucas Grabeel, on her YouTube channel. The two did a duet of the iconic HSM song a few weeks back, which you can watch here. They even admitted how they didn’t really like each other ten years ago while filming the movies. But they’re all grown ups now, and “love” each other now. Aww.

Now…make-up? If you want to copy Ashley’s Wildcat look and feel like a part of the famous crew, here’s your chance. Watch her tutorial below:

Will you try this make-up out? Tell us what you think about the look in the comments!