WATCH: Famous journalist Anderson Cooper couldn’t handle his New Year’s Eve tequila shots!

It is apparently a CNN tradition to have their news anchors drinking on air during New Year’s Eve. But Anderson Cooper, who has hosted CNN’s coverage of Times Square for nearly two decades, is not typically involved in those kinds of festivities. This year, that changed.

Anderon’s hosting of the New Year’s Eve coverage was punctuated by hourly tequila shots he took along with his co-host, Andy Cohen. The two even invited viewers to drink along with them from wherever they were watching, as long as they wouldn’t be driving later in the night.

Previous years saw hosts being drunk enough to have their ears pierced and take off their clothes, all on air! Nothing quite that wild happened for the welcoming of 2019, but we did catch Anderson Cooper’s hilariously bad reaction to alcohol.

While Andy Cohen would quickly get over the alcohol burn, Cooper would spend a good a few seconds making inhuman noises as a reaction to the taste. At one point Cohen even gives him a long while to screech, saying “For real?! Are you kidding?” Cooper endearingly responds with “I don’t drink!”

You really should watch this compilation of Anderson Cooper attempting to down the shots:

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