WATCH: Ed Sheeran Inspires as He Plays a Boxer in His ‘Shape of You’ Video

Ed Sheeran never stops to impress us. I still remember when the music video for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ came out and how inspired I was by him for facing his weakness of dancing, getting in the studio for hours, and pushing himself even when he was struggling, just to be able to produce a video where he danced the entire way through.

And now, Ed is back again with another inspiring music video for ‘Shape of You’. Instead of dancing, however, Ed takes on the role of a boxer and works out in a gym in the video. For anyone who aims to focus on fitness this year, this is probably one of the most inspiring videos that you will find on the subject – especially since Ed was never really the ‘ripped’ type to begin with. Watch the video here:


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