WATCH: Does Calvin Harris’ New Music Video Have Taylor Swift References?

Music producer and DJ Calvin Harris finally released the music video for his latest single, My Way, and Swifties are accusing the DJ of making a ton of Taylor Swift references in it. According to Swifties, the costumes the girl in the video wore are all too familiar–many of them look like costumes Taylor Swift has worn in her own music videos. There is also the forest scene, which is similar to Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” music video, and the scene with the girl standing on a horse, which is exactly the same stunt Taylor pulled  in her “Blank Space” video.

Soooo…could it be true? Taylor Swift also just recently performed Calvin Harris’ hit song “This is What You Came For” in her performance at the Formula 1 Grand Prix, but we’re not sure if that was done as a shade or not.

Well, you be the judge. Watch the My Way music video here:

Do you think Taylor and Calvin are subtly throwing shade at each other? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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