WATCH: The Cute New Jollibee Video Reminds Us Why We Love Jolly Spaghetti

One word describes what I thought when I saw the latest Jollibee video for their Jolly Spaghetti: ADORABLE. The concept is so simple and yet oh-so-relatable and well-executed because it perfectly sums up why we love Jolly Spaghetti so much: it reminds us of our childhood.

In the video, we see a woman order a plate of Jolly Spaghetti and once she takes a bite from it, she transforms into a smaller version of herself. (If you think the kid she turns into in the video looks familiar, that’s because the girl is played by the cute and bibo British-Filipino child star Xia Vigor!)

Throughout the video, we then see various adults eating Jolly Spaghetti and turning into smaller versions of themselves, showcasing that its timelessly appealing tamis-linamnam flavor always brings out the jolly kid in everyone. Watch the adorable video here:

Jolly Spaghetti has been around for almost four decades now and it is still a favorite among Filipino children from different generations and walks of life, thanks to its unique sweet style. This video reminds us of how Jolly Spaghetti makes us feel like a kid again, bringing back those fun and carefree feelings that we always long for.

My daughter loves Jolly Spaghetti just as much as I did when I was a kid and honestly, I don’t see its taste or appeal falling off the radar anytime soon. Are you a Jolly Spaghetti fan, too? 🙂